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photos buffaloes

Three water buffaloes bathing in the Mekong near Don Det © Baba Don Det.

Photos of Don Det
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photo mekong-tree

Mekong tree © Baba Don Det.

photo dark clouds

Dark clouds over the rice fields © Baba Don Det.

photo gooses

Gooses in front of Mama Mon restaurant © Baba Don Det.

photo samanea

Colorful clouds and blue sky with water reflection of an island hosting a Samanea saman (rain tree) and other trees, at sunrise, in Don Det © Baba Don Det.

photo mekong blue hour

Mekong blue hour © Jean Michel Archer.

photo don det land

Don Det land in the rain season © Baba Don Det.

photo cows egrets

Cows and chinese egrets © Baba Don Det.

photo don det south east

Don Det South East © As Life Goes By

photo salads

Local garden and green salads © Baba Don Det.

photo Evening time

Evening time on Don Det island © Chris E.

photo tree-island

Tree island © The Golden Globe.

photo rice-planting

Rice planting © Baba Don Det.

photo boat-mekong

Boat on the Mekong © Baba Don Det.

photo bridge

Old bridge between Don Det and Don Khone © Romain Brengues.

photo from-bridge

Landscape from the bridge Don Det - Khone © David & Lori (Away we go).

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Videos of Don Det

Don Det Laos annual festival (Youtube, by Baba Laos)
Peaceful life on Don Det (Youtube, by Edward Lim)
Don Det & Don Khon, Laos South (Youtube, by Dany Thibault)
Don Khone, Khong Phapheng Falls, Don Det 4000 Islands Laos, 2012 (Youtube, by William)
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