Electricity and internet

electricity in don det

Baba guesthouse at night, Don Det.

How does the electricity work in Don Det ?

Since 2010, we have electricity in Don Det. It works 24 hours a day, but sometimes with short power outages (from 5 min to 12 hours maximum during the monsoon).
Apart from the occasional cuts, electricity in Don Det sometimes drops without stopping. This particular phenomenon is rare but observed everywhere in the area. Lights and fans work with a very small power, like all electrical appliances. Electronic components that require a weak quantity of energy such as smartphones or laptops are still working and can be charged, but not the greedy devices. Moreover, these declines are not often located at the same places at the same time, which means a part of the island can be normally supplied, whereas other parts weaklier. That's why you can sometimes observe a hotel or a restaurant in Don Det with lights on, and another one next with lights off.

As we never know when there will be a cut, it's important you bring a fully charged flashlight when you come to Don Det. Waking up in the middle of the night in a complete darkness can be quite disturbing! In addition, even without power cut, your personal light can be very helpful at night if you go out in the evening, by walk or by bicycle, because Don Det is not well lit in its Southern part.


Fisherman at night in Don Det © Cristo Foletti

Internet speed and wifi connexions

There are 3 Lao telecom operators in Don Det (Mphone, Unitel, and ETL). A lot of guesthouses and restaurants in Don Det provide free wifi connections, but some of them subscribe a basic package that is slow. In addition, the speed depends on the number of connected people, and there are occasionaly strong disruptions with the networks, and thus long waits to open a web page. However, in the normal situation, the connectivity is good and it's possible to surf conveniently, that is great for such a small and isolated island!

Baba guesthouse provides the fastest connexion that is possible to get here, with all the rooms linked to a reliable wifi.

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