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money notes kips

One million kips, one hundred notes of 10.000 kips.

Banks and ATMs - Getting money in Don Det with a credit card

There is no automatic teller machine (ATM) on the island, nor in Don Khone, nevertheless a number of money changers and guesthouses allow you to use your card to withdraw kips from your account at the 6% fee.
At BABA guesthouse, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and UnionPay.

Two ATMs and 3 banks are located on the mainland (Nakasang, 15 minutes by boat), where they do cash advances through either the MasterCard or VISA systems. They also provide Western Union and Money Gram services, and change US Dollars, Pounds sterling, Euros, Thai bahts, Japanese yens and more currencies at good rates (open from Monday to Friday 8:30-15:30).

Changing or paying with foreign currencies

The Lao money is the kip, and contrary to Cambodia, most of the transactions are made in the local currency. However, thai bahts and US$ are commonly accepted everywhere, in the restaurants, buses, shops, etc. with your change converted and returned in kips (everyone has a vague knowledge of the current rates).
In february 2019, 1$ = 8600 kips, 1 = 9700 kips, and 1 baht = 274 kips, approximately.

Be aware there's no place here to change your Cambodian riels, so if you come from Cambodia, the border is your last chance to convert them in kips or in dollars.


A money tree in Don Det, that also includes incense sticks, paper toilet, soaps, pens and washing powder, for offering.

Shopping and local products in Don Det

There are a few shops spread over the island that sell all kind of items, but no daily market. In some of them, you'll be able to find fresh products like fruits or bread, but most often only biscuits, crisps, fresh drinks and necessaries like soap.
There's a kind of minimart in the center of Don Det, near the pier, which is filled with quite an exhaustive range of diverse western products, like Muesli cereals, chocolate bars, ice-creams, pistachios, flip-flop shoes, etc., and that accepts credit cards.

To find a real traditional market, you'll need to get to Nakasang, at 15 minutes by boat from Don Det, before 8:30am. Be on time because after 9am the place becomes nearly desert. This market is easy to find, located 500 meters from the Mekong, behind the banks. Follow the crowd : this is the main destination for most of the locals getting there by boat from the 4000 islands, in the early morning.

morning market

Traditional market in Nakasang

To buy recharges for your mobile phone if you use a Lao SIM card, go to the minimart in the center of Don Det, or to Nakasang, by boat.
All the pharmacies are also settled in the mainland.

For a souvenir, Don Det t-shirts are sold at Adam's bar, in the center, as well as in Don Khone, near the Liphi falls.

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